This is my "Yamaha Recording Custom" birch drumkit

This kit is often scaled down to a four piece for smaller shows -

The Yamaha kit consists of

8" tom
12" hanging floor tom
14" hanging floor tom
22" Bass drum
Snare depends on the gig

Cymbals are mainly Zildjian:

13" K/Z hihats
10" K splash
16" A custom crash
8" A custom splash
18" K custom session ride
14" A custom crash
14" Sabian pro china
6" ice bell (above china)
Hardware is all Pearl including illiminator pedals


  and the "Ludwig 1963 Black Oyster" my Ringo drumkit  
The kit has been slightly modified with Pearl fittings to make it more
suitable for on road use. The cymbal set up consists of: Zildjian 13"
K/Z hihats - Zildjian 17" K custom crash and Zildjian 20" Istanbul ride
I use this kit when I'm hired to perform with various Beatles and 60's tribute shows around Sydney - Australia
Some of these include: The Fab 4, The Beatnix, The Beatels, The Australian Beatles show, The Swinging 60's, The British Invasion and Stones Downunder


  Yamaha recording custom "45th anniversary" limited edition

I recently purchased this kit from the USA and is set 3 of 15 in the world in the classic finish, "mellow yellow"

The Yamaha kit consists of

10 x 7.5

12 x 8

14 x 14

16 x 16

22 x 16

14 x 6.5



floor tom

floor tom

bass drum

snare drum matching wood







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