It's all about the journey

Hi guys, 

Welcome to my website. I am a professional drummer who has had an incredible journey touring the world embracing my passion of performing music. Originally from England,  Sydney Australia has long been my home.

On here you will find some of the many highlights of my career including my time drumming with the legendary Chuck Berry. My  time drumming with Elvis Presley's, TCB band. I've also enjoyed a life long career impersonating "Ringo" in many different Beatle tribute shows over the years.

I am available for hire covering many styles of music. I am also a proficient reader of drum charts and able to fast  track and learn your gig at short notice.

Drum kit tuition is also available having taught throughout most of my drumming career and building up a solid teaching system including all the latest apps and backing tracks etc. 

Please feel free to message  me your enquires.


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